Why do we need Pest Control?

1. To Help Manage the Spread of Disease

There have been many instances throughout history, including modern history, where diseases have been spread as a direct result of the interaction between humans and pests. Some of these diseases include, Malaria, Dengue Fever, Lime Disease, Hantavirus (spread by rats and mice), asthma and allergies (triggered by cockroaches). Pest Control can eliminate a pest population which lowers the likelihood of the spread of diseases.

Pest Control is used as a means to target pests which can have an effect on the environment, livestock and us humans. When undertaken by a trained and licensed professional it will limit the exposure of pest control products to non-targeted species and is safe for you, your family and your pets.

2. To Limit Pest Related Damage

Damage caused by pests can cost Australian home and business owners in excess of one billion dollars a year. These costs are directly related to the damages caused by pest infestations and are usually not covered by home or business insurance.

The introduction of a pest management plan is the best way to manage pest infestation and reduce the cost associated with these pests. A pest management plan will implement procedures and make recommendations to reduce the targeted pest population which will help protect assets.

3. Protect Businesses’ Reputations

Let’s face it, if a customer sees a pest problem at a business, the customer will be unlikely to return. In the age of social media, many other people can be made aware of this, simply as a result of just one person’s experience, which can damage the business reputation and in turn profit.

Pest Control is a means to lower and or eliminate a pest population, which will therefore reduce the likelihood of there being any further incidents.

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