Rodent control is vital for homes and businesses. It involves identifying infestations, implementing preventive measures, and treatment solutions.

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Effective Rodent Control Services Available

Effective rodent control services are available for both residential and commercial properties. Our expert team specializes in identifying rodent infestations, implementing comprehensive prevention measures, and providing solutions. Don’t let rodents threaten your safety and well-being; contact us today for reliable and efficient rodent control services.

Effective Pest Control


We employ state-of-the-art equipment, modern techniques, and safe methods in our operations.


Effective eradication of common pests such as ants, spiders, and cockroaches.


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Comprehensive Rodent Contro Solutions

Discover our comprehensive rodent control solutions to protect your property from infestations and ensure long-term peace of mind.

Indicators of Rodent Infestations

  • Droppings: Small, dark, pellet-like droppings found in drawers, cabinets, or along baseboards.

  • Gnaw Marks: Chewed wires, plastic, or wood indicating their presence and potential property damage.

  • Strange Odors: A musty or ammonia-like smell due to rodent urine and feces.

  • Scratching Sounds: Nocturnal scratching or scurrying noises in walls or ceilings.

  • Nests or Burrows: Discovering nests made of shredded materials in secluded areas.

Recognizing these signs is essential for early detection and effective rodent control, Bug King your property and health.

Preventing Rodent Infestations with Vigilance

Seal Entry Points Inspect and seal any gaps or openings in your property’s exterior, including cracks in walls, gaps around pipes, and broken vents, as rodents can enter through even tiny openings.

Proper Food Storage

Regular Cleaning

Trim Vegetation

Professional Inspections


Pest Control Service Cost Estimate

When seeking a rodent pest control service cost estimate, it’s essential to consider the value of a comprehensive rodent treatment. While the initial cost may vary, Bug King provides rodent control solutions, potentially reducing damages and spoiled good as a result of a rodent infestation. An integrated approach offers cost-effective and robust rodent treatments, ensuring your property remains rodent-free and your investment is well-protected.


Yes we spray in kitchens and around food however we recommend your food to be properly sealed and stored while our treatment is carried out, We use only the best and safest chemical that have low toxicity to humans. Book today call 1300 687 903 or
An Internal and external spray will usually be conducted unless a different treatment plan is discussed. For more information check out our Residential Pest control page or Contact us or call 1300 687 903 today.
Our chemicals are safe for you and your family to be around during the treatment. You don’t have to vacate the property while the service is being done. Call 1300 687 903 to talk with  Pest Control about any concerns you might have!
Some treatments will be postponed, most pest control treatments usually are not affected as properties have eaves and guttering that overhang the exterior walls. Call tel:1300 687 903 or to organise your pest control treatment today!