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The residual life expectancy of a termite treatment will last up to 8 years when using Termidor or between 3 to 10 years using Bifenthrin. For further information on termite treatments please click the link. How Long Does a Termite Treatment Last? If you would like to speak to one of our friendly staff, Call us today on 1300 687 903

All of the products we use for your pest control and termite treatments are pet safe. At Bug King we only use products that are registered with the APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) and apply these products as per the manufactures recommendations. 

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At Bug King we only use products that are family safe.

We fully understand that some people may be a bit concerned about the use of pesticides in and around the home. But not to worry, at Bug King we use safe products as well as safe work practices to ensure and safe, happy and pest free home for you and your family. 

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All products used by Bug King are safe for you and your family to be around.  You do not have to vacate the property while the pest treatment is being carried out. If you have any concerns or would like some more information please give Bug King a call on 1300 687 903

The treatment of termites should only ever be undertaken by a licensed and experienced professional. Termites can cause substantial damage to a building or home and the damage costs can potentially be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. So it makes sense to not to gamble with your home. 

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The cost of a pest control treatment may vary depending on the size of your home and the type of treatment that is required. For a standard Cockroach, Spider and Silverfish treatment the price will range from $150-$300 with the average 3-4 bedroom home costing $220.

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Termites can be treated using a number of methods. Chemical treatments with a non-repellant termiticide or by baiting with a termite bait are the most effective methods. The direct destruction of the colony by a physical means may also be an option that can be used in conjunction with chemical or baiting treatment. 

Once the termite treatment has been deemed successful, the installation of a termite treatment zone (termite barrier) or bait station system is required to help manage termite attack.

Termite Control: What Is A Termite Barrier?  Give us a call on 1300 687 903 or email 

Termites will attack cellulose containing products. These products include, but not limited to retaining timbers, timber garden edging, fences, trees, stumps and timbers in service (your home).

Unfortunately, termites attack buildings and homes and if left unchecked the extent of the damage can be devastating, and the repair bills can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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There can be a few telltale signs like mold staining on walls, damaged timbers, hollow timbers and termite mudding. However, these signs are not always evident when termites are present and should not be relied upon. A Termite inspection by a trained professional is an effective means to determine whether or not a house or building has active termites.  

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A termite barrier is installed to any areas of a house or building that may be conducive to concealed termite attack. The termite barrier will help protect timbers in service (your home) by providing a treatment zone which will eradicate or repel termites. 

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A pest control treatment should be done at least annually for a residential property in order to offer the best protection against little critters. 

Restaurants and commercial properties may require a custom pest management program in order to comply with the health departments requirements.

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The installation of a chemical termite treatment zone (termite barrier) cannot be done when it is raining as the treatment may be watered down and runoff may affect non targeted areas. If heavy rain is forecasted on the day of your treatment, we recommend rescheduling the treatment. 

Pest Control treatments are usually not affected as the eaves, guttering and patios protect the treatment areas from rain. For further information or to make a booking call us on 1300 687 903 or send us email us 

The Australian Standard recommends that a structure with sufficient termite management system in place have a Termite inspection at least once a year and sometimes more frequently if there are conditions conducive to termite attack and concealed termite attack.

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Yes we treat in kitchens and around food products, however we recommend that your food products are properly sealed and stored off the ground while our pest treatment is being carried out. All product we you around your home are low toxicity and pest and family safe.

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All products used by Bug King are low toxicity and safe for your family. However, we do recommend that people with asthma and allergies vacate the property at the time of treatment as a precaution.

The products we use at Bug King are all pyrethrin based products which is a more natural alternative.  Pyrethrin based products have been proven over time not only to work exceptional well in treating pests but also to be very safe. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call on 1300 687 903

All products used by Bug King Pest Control are low odour or no odour. So, there is no need to worry about an overpowering smell. 

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  • Permethrin
  • imidacloprid
  • Bifenthrin
  • Fipronil
  • Dinotefuran
  • Brodifacoum

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A termite inspection is an inspection of your property to identify building defects that are conducive to termite attack and concealed termite attack. A termite inspection will provide you with the required information for you to make an informed decision on the best means to adequately maintain and protect your property against termite attack. 

An inspection will list any termite or timber pest activity found at the time of inspection and provide treatment options.

For further infomation click our termite inspection page Or call us on 1300 687 903 or email

A termite inspection can take anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours to complete. How long a termite inspection takes is dependent on a number of factors. These factors include how many conditions there are that are conducive to termite attack, the size of the home, if termite activity was detected at the time of inspection and moisture ingress issues. 

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For a general pest treatment which includes cockroaches, spiders and silverfish it will typically last between three and twelve months depending on the insect that is being targeted. The treatment will be effective for twelve months against cockroaches, twelve months against silverfish and three months against external spiders.

Other target insect may require a phone consultation. 

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It is not possible to adequately predict how fast termites will attack timbers in service as the size of the colony, types of termites and the susceptibility of timbers to termite attack will directly affect how fast termites will consume these timbers. 

The best way to make sure that your home is safe and not currently being attack by termites is by booking in your termite inspection today.

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The pest control products we use are low toxicity to humans and are only used in areas that minimize the likelihood of exposure. However, we would always recommend that pregnant women and young children not be present at the time of treatment. 

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The cost of a termite inspection is dependent on the size of the property that is to be inspected. The average cost of a 3-4 bedroom house is approximately $250. However the addition of outbuildings like granny flats and structures containing timbers components will increase the cost. 

Check out our termite inspection pricing or give us a call or email 1300 687 903

Termites can and will attack hardwood timbers. Some types of termites only consume hardwood timbers while other types of termites consume hardwood and softwood timbers. 

For more information see our TERMITE DAMAGE VIDEO or to book in a termite inspection contact us on 1300 687 903 

Physical barriers are designed to manage concealed termite attack. However physical termite barriers do have there problems. One of the biggest problems is from careless trades that cause damage to or bridge these barriers and fail to notify the installers. It is quite common for a home that has had a physical barrier installed to have a termite problem. 

Generally physical barriers do work but a home owner should always be aware that they should not to completely rely upon these management systems.  For further information Give us a Call

The best practice to identify termites is to contact a professional. We recommend that you take a photo and email it to us and we will happily let you know.

Need help identifying termites? Check out our Identify Your Pests Page or Call and Book a FREE Termite consultation with a termite specialist today on 1300 687 903

Unfortunately your home and content insurance will not cover termite damage.

In Australia, 1 in 3 properties or 1 in 5 homes will have active termites or have had termites in them previously. As the likelihood of termite attack and termite damage is extremely high, insurance companies see this as too high of a risk to insure. 

So the best defense against termite attack is a good offence. 

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If you find termites in or around your home all efforts need to be taken to cause the least amount of disturbance. If termites are disturbed they may move to another section of your home and can make the treatment process harder. 

It is never recommended trying to treat termites yourself as failed treatments can lead to expensive repair bills. So always call a professional.

If you think you have found termites, Book in your FREE consultation today 1300 687 903

  • A sufficient termite management system (termite barrier)
  • Regular inspections
  • Making sure there are no moisture sources (leaking taps, sufficient drainage or areas of moisture ingress)
  • Remove any obstruction that may be conducive to concealed termite attack.
  • Maintain a minimum 75mm visual on any visual inspection zones and regular check for signs of termite activity.
  • Action all recommendations outlined in your termite inspection report.
  • You can also contact our team for free information and advice. Book in your FREE termite consultation today by calling us on 1300 687 903

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