Effective Pest Control Solutions for Body Corporates Maintenance and Peace.

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Body Corporate Pest Sunshine Coast

Nestled in the picturesque Sunshine Coast, our body corporate pest control services are dedicated to preserving the pristine beauty and serenity of this coastal paradise. We understand the unique challenges faced by body corporates, property managers, and residents in maintaining pest-free environments in residential complexes, strata-titled properties, and shared spaces.

Effective Pest Control

The trusted name is pest control

We only use safe products, state-of-the-art equipment, specialist techniques and safe work practices in all of our treatments.


Effective eradication of household pests such as cockroaches, spiders, silverfish and ants as well as many other common pests.


Bug King is dedicated to Ensuring Effective Pest Control Services throughout the Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Moreton Bay, and we guarantee results.

Body Corporate and Tenant Roles in Pest Control

In the realm of pest control, a collaborative effort between Body Corporate pest control and tenants is essential. Body Corporates typically oversee common areas like car parks, hallways, and shared facilities, implementing preventative measures and treatments. Tenants, on the other hand, are generally responsible for their individual unit’s interior.

Pest Management Program for Your Peace of Mind

Your Assurance of a Peaceful, Pest-Free Environment and Worry-Free Surroundings for You and Your Space.

Inspections, Treatments and Prevention

We conduct thorough termite inspections to detect any termite activity and conditions conducive to termite attack. Our trained professionals use advanced tools and techniques to assess your property. If termites are present, we can implement effective treatment strategies tailored to your specific situation. This may involve the use of termite bait systems or a chemical termite barrier. 


Yes we treat in kitchens and around food products, however we recommend that your food products are properly sealed and stored off the ground while our pest treatment is being carried out. All product we you around your home are low toxicity and pest and family safe. To book a pest treatment call us on 1300 687 903 or email us.
A pest control treatment should be done at least annually for a residential property in order to offer the best protection against little critters. Restaurants and commercial properties may require a custom pest management program in order to comply with the health departments requirements. For a free quote contact Bug King on 1300 687 903
All products used by Bug King are safe for you and your family to be around.  You do not have to vacate the property while the pest treatment is being carried out. If you have any concerns or would like some more information please give Bug King a call on 1300 687 903
The installation of a chemical termite treatment zone (termite barrier) cannot be done when it is raining as the treatment may be watered down and runoff may affect non targeted areas. If heavy rain is forecasted on the day of your treatment, we recommend rescheduling the treatment. Pest Control treatments are usually not affected as the eaves, guttering and patios protect the treatment areas from rain. For further information or to make a booking call us on 1300 687 903 or send us email us