Termite Pest Control Sunshine Coast

1. Termite Pest Control Sunshine Coast

What a beautiful part of the world we live in. White sandy beaches, year-round warm weather, smiles on everyone’s faces and well, TERMITES. Did you know that on average termites are present in 1 in 4 properties? Alarming, isn’t it?

Termite Pest Control on the Sunshine Coast is a normal part of the day-to-day life of many residents. Unfortunately, some people don’t realise how prevalent these insects are around the Sunshine Coast and the destructive capabilities of the termite colonies once they have entered a property. A termite management system (termite barrier) is used to help protect your property, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in costly termite damage repair bills. The most commonly used Termite Managment systems are listed below.

2. Chemical Treatment Zone/s

The treatment of a home or structure with a termiticide is a common practice within the pest control industry. These chemicals are classed into two main categories: repellant and non-repellant termiticides, meaning they will either repel termites (repellant) or allow termites to move freely through the treatment zone and be exposed to the termiticide eliminating the colony (non-repellant). Both types of termiticides have been used within the pest management industry for years and have successful, proven track records in the management of termite activity.

3. Termite Bait Stations

Termite bait stations are an option for home and business owners to help manage termite attack to their properties. These bait stations have a pre-loaded bait in the station which is installed around the perimeter and other high-risk locations. Termite bait stations are a great alternative termite treatment when traditional chemical treatments are not possible. These stations require monitoring by a licensed pest management technician and baits changed as per their recommendations.

4. Frequent Termite Inspections

Termite inspections are a major part of maintaining a property, by identifying conditions conducive to termite attack and concealed termite attack.

The Australian standard recommends that a property with a sufficient termite management system have at least one termite inspection annually to help manage termite attack and limit the amount of structural termite damage that can be caused to a property.

Most peoples’ biggest asset is their home, so it makes sense to protect that asset.